About Reloskate

Reloskate’s innovative pallet racking and Gondola movement solutions will revolutionise your approach to re-arranging warehouse and shop floor space.

Designed to integrate with all Gondola and pallet racking systems, Reloskate trucks and mobile units offer a cost-effective solution to the movement of industrial-scale shelving units.

The skates’ simple yet effective design enables the relocation of racking without any need for dismantling – saving you time, hassle and man-power. We will even supply our trained, professional crew to carry out the work, so your team can continue with their daily tasks unhindered.

Our tailored packages provide the versatility you need, making the re-organisation of retail space and storage areas quick, easy and commercially sound.

Whether looking to remodel, optimise space, prepare for seasonal stock changes or create a more orderly flow in your warehouse or shop, Reloskate can resolve any of your movement issues.

The benefits of working with Reloskate:


Significant reductions in labour and time


Flexible rental plans designed to fit your budget


Easy-to-use and reliable equipment


Adaptable for use with all types of racking & gondola installations

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