Reloskate for the warehouse industry

Reloskate skates offer an easy way to move shelving and racking in retail shops, warehouse space, storage units, stock rooms and depots. The skates are simple to use and can be handled by as few as two people, making the reorganisation of your shop floor, warehouse or storage facility easier than ever before. The Reloskate skates, or mobilisation trucks, securely attach to gondola shelving units and warehouse pallet racking systems turning them into mobile units on wheels that can be manoeuvered safely around a shop or storage unit. The skates are extremely stable, enabling you to move shelves and racks even while partially loaded. We will provide the manpower alongside the equipment to complete your shelving and racking relocation entirely.

Reloskate skates make it so simple and quick to move shelving and racking, and provide an extremely cost-effective solution to reorganising storage units. What may have taken a team of 10 two or three days can now be achieved by two people in a single day.

Some of the main features of the Reloskate Gondola skates include:

  • Compatible with all major base bracket design gondolas
  • Rack and pinion lifting mechanism superior to johnson bars, bottle jack or hydraulic jacking systems
  • Each lifting unit has a weight capacity of 1000 lbs (2 tons per gondola section)
  • Casters will not mark the floor
  • Equal weight distribution along entire gondola run
  • State of the art lifting bar mechanism
  • Four points of contact add stability
  • Connecting bars stop damage to your fixture by preventing bending
  • Adjustable width
  • No damage to existing fixtures

The Reloskate mobile pallet racking moving system is designed to be affixed to any type of racking in the UK and Europe. Our system is designed to handle fully-built racking along with racking fitted with sprinkler systems.  Using Reloskate’s versatile, durable and innovatively-designed skates is the fast, simple and cost-effective way to move erected racking and shelving.

The Reloskate skates have been tried and tested in the US, designed and manufactured by leading mobilisation solution experts MOBEX. MOBEX pride themselves on supplying the next generation of fixture and gondola mobilisation solutions, geared towards meeting your entire needs in store remodel scenarios and flooring renovations.  The MOBEX power trucks and cruiser trucks have been refined for the UK and European marketplace, ensuring they meet all relevant industry safety standards.

Our commitment to our clients is to make the process of moving gondola storage units, display shelving and pallet racking easy and safe, eliminating the need for an army of employees to accomplish the task and reducing the overall cost of the project. If you are looking to cut the costs of your remodels or new store setups then contact Reloskate and see how our skates can improve your reorganisations for seasonal stock changes and general store layout alterations.

About Reloskate

Reloskate is a brand-new company, set up by racking experts PD Industrial after recognising the need for a faster turn-around on jobs involving moving and reordering racking and shelving.

The Midlands company has introduced the innovative new mobilisation product which will allow warehouse and retail shelving reorganisations to be done in a fraction of the time, cutting operational downtime by up to 70%.

The firm, based in Four Ashes near Wolverhampton, are supplying unique wheeled trollies – or skates – which attach to racking and shelving, allowing it to be easily moved around.
From remodelling, to optimising space, preparing for seasonal stock changes or creating a more efficient workflow in warehouses or retail space, the unique fixtures can be used to quickly and efficiently move racking and gondolas.

Currently, a warehouse reorganisation can mean serious downtime whilst racking is emptied and dismantled in order to be relocated, to then be rebuilt and restocked. It requires lots of manpower and can be extremely costly in terms of the disruption it causes to normal operation.

The new skates have a unique rack and pinion mechanism that allows them to be attached to racking and gondolas to lift them, allowing them to then be wheeled into the desired position, dramatically slashing the downtime and manpower needed for the reorganisation.

In most cases, racking can be moved with sprinkler pipes attached, and gondolas need not be emptied prior to moving.

MOBEX Inc has patented the skates and been using the fixtures in America for eight years, where they have helped revolutionise operations in the racking industry.

Reloskate has secured the exclusive Europe-wide license to be a MOBEX Inc distributor, and is now ready to make a similar impact here, according to director, Darren Hardiman.

The new service will prove invaluable to a range of industries relying on racking and shelving for storage and sales, from supermarkets who regularly reorganise their shelving units, to making industrial-scale warehouse racking in the logistics sector and distribution centres work more efficiently, the fixtures have so many applications.

They are easy to use and reliable, and available with flexible rental terms. Reloskate offer their own trained and experienced team to carry out the whole project, using SEMA guidelines.

They have modified the MOBEX design to tailor it specifically to the UK European markets, ensuring it is compatible and complies with relevant health and safety standards.

With years’ of experience in the racking industry, they understand the disruption reorganisation causes, and the costs this incurs in time of operational downtime. The new service will deliver turnarounds in a fraction of the time, cutting this downtime by up to 70%, and bringing huge savings for companies.

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